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Defense and Aviation 


Mavi Ida Energy has been designing and manufacturing parts since 2012. Last years, our main focus are critical carbon fiber components for aviation applications. Carbon fiber wheel and carbon fiber landing gears are two main area that we work on. 

Unique Product "Carbon fiber wheel"

Our unique product carbon fiber wheel for 4" , 5" and 6" dimension can be shown below. Comparing with the aluminum wheels, our carbon fiber wheel reduce %40 weight and double safe both in static and fatigue tests.








Carbon fiber front landing gear

Our special design front landing gear is the lightest among its rivals. Total weight of carbon fiber landing gear and wheel is less than 1.2kg and has a tested value of 1200kg.





Carbon fiber main landing gear

Carbon fiber landing gear is very light and strong compared with aluminums. Our landing gear is 5.8kg and weights 1800kg.