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About Us

Mavi İda Enerji San Tic Ltd Şti, has been found in 2010 for developing renewable energy applications. Among renewable energy applications, we have been focusing on tidal energy. There are two model of turbines ready to install that design and manufacturing is done by in-house. 

In 2013, Mavi Ida has started to make composite parts for several areas. Lately, we have been doing unique parts for aviation applications. Carbon fiber wheel and landing gears are main working area


Mavi Ida Energy is going to spread the usage of tidal energy turbines starting from Dardanelle region to the world. By doing that, we are offering commercially effective turbines.


In addition to renewables, Mavi Ida Energy is going to develop critical parts for weight reduction in aviation industry. 


Mavi Ida Energy is aiming to put Turkey's first commercial tidal turbine facility in use. Mavi Ida Energy has achieved to deploy first grid connected tidal turbine in Turkey. In the next step, adding more turbines to Dardanelle region. 

In composite manufacturing, we intend to design and manufacture critical parts for defense and aviation industries. 


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