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Energy of Dardanelle

Energy of Dardanelle project is the first tidal energy application in Turkey. 


The aim of the project is producing electricy from strait's current in order to contribute city's clean energy need.


Tidal energy is very suitable for the region to environmental friendly and sustainable way of producing electricity 

First pilot facility has been founded in 2015 and it has finished sea trials successfully for 6 months. 

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is quite important for futures electricity generation. Fossil resources are limited and pollute the environment. Since the applications are started to used widely, the cost will reduce and become commercially beneficial. 

Tidal energy is classified as the most expensive way among other renewables. But in Dardanelle case, since the current is stable and nonstop, it is commercially applicable. 

Mavi Ida has developed two tidal turbine model that 30kW and 55kW capacity. It could be used according to site requirements.


Defense and Aviation

Mavi Ida Energy is an R&D company that works on several areas. Composite manufacturing is one of these areas. While developing tidal turbines, we worked on composite blade design and manufacturing. By the knowledge we learnt from it, Mavi Ida has started to work about aviation applications. 

Carbon fiber wheel and landing gears two main areas that we work and develop products. 


In addition to aviation, Mavi Ida Energy has developing light armors for defense industry. 


Career Opportunity
Carbon fiber wheel

Would you like to work with us?


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Current job requirements 

Mechanical engineer  

Composite manufacturing engineer  

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